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Verifying a real identity in a digital world.

How do you ensure you are engaging with real people and not fraudsters? We solve this problem with our AI-driven identity verification solution. Invite new customers to identify themselves with their identification document and verify that they are the true owner with a selfie. Verifying customers anytime, anywhere, 24/7. Automate your identity verification process today and pay only when you use.

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Digitally verify real customers anytime,
anywhere in 30-secs.

Create trusted user identities with t-Verify ID.
A device IP and phone number help indicate if you can trust a new user. However, fraudsters could abuse these signals. Use t-Verify to validate real identities.

Allow users to identify themselves using a valid ID. Use t-Verify ID technology to authenticate a user ID and confirm that they meet your onboarding or sign-up requirements. This ensures the user is checked for having the required ID.
Add liveness detection with t-Verify Face. Protect against stolen IDs and impersonation.
For added security, allow users to prove that they own the ID by taking a live selfie photo. Use t-VerifyFace technology to do a face match, and confirm that the owner is present at the time of a digital identity verification process. This is a compliance requirement for certain businesses that can also be applied to companies looking to prevent cases of false or stolen identities.
User selfie and ID photos do not match? We alert you to the possibility of impersonation fraud. Too alike? That could indicate a spoof attempt. We help you keep the fraudsters at bay.

tekkis AI
Using real data to make faster, more accurate verifications.

Liveness Detection
Detect genuine presence of your customer through selfie verification. Acquire real users and keep the fraudsters out.

Expired IDs
Immediately detect and prevent user registrations using expired IDs such as driver's license & passport.

Blur & Glare Detection
Alert your customers when the image is blurry, fuzzy or has too much glare during the onboarding process. Increase onboarding completion rate the first time.

Human Review
Verification accuracy using tekkis AI and machine learning is increased with the expertise of tekkis' compliance analyst. Humans can see patterns that automation and machine learning may miss.
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