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Know Your Customer.
Identify, verify, and
onboard with tekkis.

Different ways to keep your business and customers secure with tekkis.

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Identity Verification

Tag real identities to your customer accounts.
Know your customers
Build your digital identity database to track and manage customer account and credentials. Gain more confidence in the digital profiles of customers accessing your services. Protect your business and mitigate fraud risk while addressing KYC requirements for identity or age verification obligations.

Identity Fraud Detection

Scale user acquisition securely, with ease and confidence
Intimidate & Deter Fraudsters
ID verification prevent fraudsters from entering your platform and harming your business. Combined with biometric verification, increase your confidence that the document belongs to the person presenting it, and that they are genuine people with real identities.

User Onboarding

Seamlessly meet your KYC requirements online
Tailor to meet your business needs
Customize identity verification to meet your specific onboarding needs with tekkis. Whether you need an identity verification added at the start of the process, or at the end, towards the checkout process, we will help you build to optimise your user experience for best conversions.

Age Verification

Check users' age before allowing access to age-sensitive content
Secure age-sensitive content, preserve brand reputation
tekkis' t-Verify ID extracts your user's birthdate from the presented ID. This allows you to verify that the user meets the age requirements to create an account and access content.
Liveness Detection
Add biometrics for added security. By comparing a selfie or video with the presented ID, we provide you with a score based on how similar the two faces are. You can then decide if the person really is who they say they are. It also ensures that minors aren't simply presenting a parent's identity document.
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